Visual Math Editor New Version 2.0.58

It now offers more than 730 LaTeX symbols and 210 AsciiMath symbols.
It now works with LaTeX, AsciiMath, MathML and HTML syntaxes.
It now can do PNG and SVG images exports.
It improves the ergonomics of the user interface.
It works in all modern browsers without plugin.    

Editor Translations

VisualMathEditor is internationalized.
- Français - Tiếng Việt -
- Deutsch - Español -
- русский - العربية -

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Editor Style Sheet

VisualMathEditor is customizable.
- aguas style - black style -
- gray style - metro style -
- bootstrap style -

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Editor Equation Samples

More than 730 LaTeX symbols.
- Science equation samples -
- Chemical formula samples -
- Commutative diagram samples -
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We Guarantee Compatibility & Mobility

VisualMathEditor is built to run on many media and to be compatible with all modern browsers. With MathJax, a display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers. No more setup for readers. No more browser plugins. No more font installations… It just works.